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We specialize in Behavioral Loyalty and we support medium and big companies that want to digitalize or strengthen all the processes aimed at engaging, understanding, and retaining users. We craft and accelerate loyalty programs for end consumers and distribution chain.
Our activity relies on a proprietary algorithm that assigns a dynamic potential value to every user that changes over time, the Customer Value Index (CVI).
The CVI tracks and analyzes user behavior across both existing company touch points and new touch points provided by us, all of which are integrated into our Customer Data Platform.
Besides identifying digital communities that can be monetized and creating special ghost loyalty programs, the platform also allows for the update of corporate legacy systems and CRM records. 
In 2019, we launched our international affiliate program and signed our first deals in Peru, Mexico, and Kosovo.
In 2020, loyalty program EdisonVille developed for Edison Energia won the Best Use of Gamification to Enhance Loyalty category at the London Global Awards and went on to collect the Grand Prix at the Milan Brand Loyalty Awards in the Best CRM Project category. 

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Kettydo+ is an independent company specialized in creating and nurturing Loyalty and Engagement between brands and customers or consumers.
We have created and developed the Continuous Engagement Model. This agile methodology integrates Data, Experience Design, Content and Marketing Technology skills to support companies in profiling their customers' needs and behaviours and to involve them through innovative services, meaningful contents and experiences, daily and personalized.

Kettydo+ has developed YouserENGAGE, the complete martech suite that integrates all the tools to activate, engage, and profile consumers, customers, and communities into a single solution.
YouserENGAGE allows you to activate contests, purchase or profiling missions, surveys, quizzes, member-get-members and loyalty programs, connecting customers, enriching their CRM / CDP profile and leaving the full governance of all data and actions in the hands of the brand!

Among the various awards, in 2020 and 2021, 
Kettydo+ has won the following:
- Most awarded Loyalty Agency (Grand Prix Brand Loyalty)
- Best Loyalty project for Pampers "Coccole" (NC Loyalty Awards)
- Best Branded Content project for "CartAttack" by Mulino Bianco (NC Branded Content)

For further information:
-  The new generation of loyalty strategies
-  YouserENGAGE, the new Engagement Toolbox made in Kettydo+ 

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THE WORLD'S FIRST CUSTOMER DATA SCIENCE PLATFORM. Dunnhumby is the global leader in customer data science, enabling businesses around the world to compete and thrive in today's data-driven economy. We always put the customer first. 

Our mission: to enable companies to grow and reimagine themselves by making customer-driven decisions.With a deep heritage and expertise in retail, one of the world's most competitive markets, with vast amounts of multi-dimensional data, today dunnhumby enables companies around the world, across all industries, to be Customer First.The dunnhumby Customer Data Science platform is our unique blend of technology, software and consulting, enabling companies to increase profits by delivering personalised experiences for their customers - in-store, offline and online. Dunnhumby employs over 2,000 experts in offices across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas working for innovative and iconic brands such as Tesco, Coca-Cola, Meijer, Procter & Gamble, Raley's, L'Oreal and Monoprix.

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Farloyalty is the company that develops and offers both in Italy and Spain the loyalty system E-Fidelity via fidelity card.
E-Fidelity is structured for the pharmacy and parapharmacy market, whether they are private, belonging to groups or affiliated to virtual networks.
Knowing customers and their buying habits is essential in a loyalty process. E-Fidelity allows both a single Pharmacist and a group to easily and effectively analyse their customer data and it also helps planning and implementing micromarketing initiatives consistent with the growth and business purposes of a single store or of a pharmacy group. 
Especially in recent years, E-Fidelity has acquired great know-how in pharmacy chain management, both in technical terms (such as integration with third-party Business Intelligence systems with single sign-on systems, communication tools such as APP and e-commerce, etc.) and in consulting terms.
Every year E-Fidelity marketing experts produce and share the OSSERVATORIO E-FIDELITY report. With this report, which is based on the aggregate analysis of data from over 1000 pharmacies and parapharmacies, it’s possible to have a picture of the situation of the Pharmacy loyalty sector in Italy. 

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Epipoli, founded in 2000 by Gaetano Giannetto, is one of the international players in the FinTech industry, with a leadership position in the prepaid services and in the engagement systems, a market where it operates through two proprietary platforms: MyGiftCard, for prepaid, and HighWays for engagement.

MyGiftCard is the Epipoli brand that has become synonymous with the Gift Card category in Italy, with a market share of approximately 75% thanks to the widespread presence in over 50,000 physical stores and a capillary distribution in B2B, B2C and Welfare channels; also abroad Epipoli is one of the leading prepaid payment networks, operating in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America with 400 partners: from the "A" of Amazon to the "Z" of Zalando.
Always in a privileged position to bridge the gap between physical and digital and between consumers and brands, Epipoli, through its proprietary platform Highways, develops customized loyalty and customer engagement solutions for the most diverse sectors: from banking to retail, to GDO and industry.
This leveraging a scalable, modular and omnichannel infrastructure that natively integrates with the transactional and CRM systems of the brand, regardless if they are in a points of sale, on the web or mobile. Mastering all the different initiatives such as promotional campaigns, contests, gamification, rewarding and incentives and point collections, Epipoli puts its experience at the service of brands to create relationships that go beyond transactions.

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Loyal Guru is the leading Customer Loyalty Platform for retailers to collect and activate their omnichannel customer data in a single view. This data can be used to create micro-segments based on purchase behavior and to launch hundreds of 1:1 personalized offers and loyalty programs, improving consumer-retailer relationships across every channel: point of sale, e-commerce, customer support, and emails. 
Servicing 50 customers in 12 countries across the globe, Loyal Guru allows retailers to activate previously untapped data and customers, create personalized loyalty campaigns and offers that positively impact the customer, and identify new revenue streams for their customers and the brands they represent.
Download our Loyalty Techniques ebook here and our Ultimate Guide to CDPs here.
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Promotion Magazine - O.P.S.

Promotion Magazine is a leading Italian bimonthly marketing magazine focused on promotions, rewards, loyalty programs and in-store marketing. Promotion Magazine offers insight, news and case histories from the world of loyalty and direct marketing.

Promotion, edited by O.P.S., is read by more than 50 000 managers yearly (marketing managers, general managers, buyers), who want to keep pace with market developments.

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UNAborn from the merger of ASSOCOM and UNICOM, and later also of ASSOREL, today represents the most important national association in the communication market.
UNA has the goal to represent a new, innovative and unique reality, capable of responding to the latest needs of an increasingly new and evolving market. An important project to give life to a completely new and highly diversified reality.

UNA currently represents about 220 associated companies, operating throughout Italy, from the Creative, Digital, PR, Media, Events, and Retail world, whose corresponding specific HUBs represent the various communication disciplines. Moreover, territorial delegations have been created to act as a link to local agencies. An internal research department works on market evolution estimates and carries out useful researches for the whole sector.

UNA adheres to: EACA (European Association of Communication Companies), to ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organization), to Pubblicità Progresso, to IAP (Institute of Advertising Self-discipline) and, through AssAP Servizi Srl, participates in: ADS, AudiMovie, AudiOutdoor, Audipress, Auditel and Audiweb.